Here will be a list of all the games perks and traits. Many have hidden or vague descriptions. hopefully testing from the community will fill this hidden information in. please add what you can this section is not currently my focus.

Perks and Traits Edit

Give you passive bonus to different aspects of the game. These passive bonuses could be in the form of stats, % increases, bonuses or abilities in fights or help for your training. Im not really sure there a distinct difference between Perk and Traits exactly. You can see which Perks you have by clicking "Character info" (the blue square with a face on the left hand side).

Basic Perks Edit

Name Description Notes
Tactics Learner You can see more detailtitss about fighting skills. You gotta take this to progress. Shows the numbers on fight skills.
Strong Arm "you've always helped your mom carry the groceries home, so your arms are really strong!" Bonus damage to Punch-Type damage (?)
Strong Legs "you never used an elevator so your legs are really strong" Bonus damage to Kick-Type damage (?)
Thin Guy You take more damage but dodge more often. exact numbers?
Rice Eater 15% more agility from training
Good Sneakers 15% more stamina from training
Some Motivation 15% more strength from training
Red Sneakers Traveling takes 30% less time
Fast Reaction Increased chance your dodge will be successful but slightly increase energy consumption. someone test % energy increase please.
Fine Block Increased chance your block will be successful but slightly increase energy consumption. someone test % energy increase please.
Long Timer Buffs last long for you debuffs last longer for your opponent. Will be hard to test. Seems to last until opponents next action by default. so maybe 2 actions.

Way of the Bear Edit

Name Description Notes
Muscle Memory II Won't lose Str below 8
DieHard If knocked down chance you'll regain 30% energy (this is a fight changer) % chance it triggers unknown.
Some Motivation II Gain 15% more str from training not sure if additive or multiplicative
Boxer Increases Boxing punches accuracy. (Boxing Punch, Boxing Hook, Counter Cross, Boxing Jab Series) should be easy to test for % increase.
Muscle Memory III Won't lose str below 13
Some Movitation III gain 15% more str from training
Berserker When HP<30% deal 30% more damage (top tier)
Ruthless Aggression You can not use any defensive abilities: Counter attacks, blocks, dodges. You deal 20% more damage. Careful this locks you in a direction. but 20% is 20%

Way of the Tiger Edit

Name Description Notes
Technician Your Chance to dodge is higher and more agility dependent. Not sure exactly how its more agility dependent. maybe like accuracy modifier.
Do Not Fall Down II Won't lose Agl below 8
Demoralize reduces damage you take by 20% (top tier) exact numbers?
Cool Headed If any of your strikes are blocked your other strikes cost 25% less energy test: block and dodge? and duration?
Rice Eater II Increase Agl gains from training 15%
Kick Dropper All kicks deal more damage (a must kick builds) % or flat increase?
Slave to the wind Cannot increase str or stamina above 8. prerequisite for progression. Feelsbadman. Overrides level-III MeatRunner/MuscleMemory, reverting to 9
Do Not Fall Down III Wont Lose agl below 13
Ninjutsu Fan Every time you dodge an attack you have X% chance to increase agl by 10%
Rice Eater III Increase Agl gains from training 15%
Controlled Fury If below 30% hp increase Agl 30%

Way of the Turtle Edit

Name Description mechanic
Meat Runner II Wont lose stam below 8
Anger Train Every block you make grants additional damage on your next attack phase Test, flat or % increase? Duration? add attack phase to mechanics*
Shining Knight You receive less damage the more stamina you have. Test for values?
Heavy work out consume 15% less energy working out. work outs table should be added somewhere*
Good Sneakers II 15% more stam from training
Pain Lover Strikes recieved speed up stamina recovery test for values
Meat Runner III Wont lose stam below 13
No Rest "Neither you nor your opponent can rest during combat. both of you regen less energy" Convoluted description. reduces energy recover for both fighters. test for values.
Infinite Energy If energy <25% your abilities cost 70% less. (top tier)

Storyline Perks Edit

Name Description Notes
Strong Arm Strong arms Starting perk, affect???
Strong Legs "you never used an elevator so your legs are really strong" Starting perk, Affect???
Thin Guy You take more damage but dodge more often. exact numbers?
Tail strike "Now you know a powerful strike - Tail Strike! only one problem you dont have a tail..." Learnt from master raccoon. hidden affect.
In Love 4 day perk. Spend less energy training, consume less food passively. Romance Adrian

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