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I think this game would be great to see speed run. Edit

Two categories come to mind. in game day counter and real world clock. followed by any%, get the credits to roll. or 100% do all the mission and all the fights.

Times Edit

Finally found someone do it.

Would prefer video evidence of submissions to this section. Cheats and photoshop sadly take away from the credibility of photos. Also keep the categories straight guys.

Any% - Day Clock Edit

1. Muken: v1.06 50 days - Feb.7.2016 , recording here

Any% - Day Clock Edit

1. Muken: v1.06 44 days - Feb.17.2016 , recording here

Any% - Day Clock Edit

1. TheBloodedBroadAxe: 4:21:25 - 55 days - Jan.24.2015 , recording here

55 days record any%

Any % - Real time Clock Edit

1. Adikar: 2:49:50 - 76 days - Jan.18.2015 recording here

Punchclub speedrun adikar

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